Nevron and Intersoft Solutions Reveal .NET QuarX

Nevron ( and Intersoft Solutions ( are two of the most prominent and quickly developing component vendors for the .NET platform. We have come together to create a new, comprehensive suite, comprised of the most essential building blocks for any .NET application.
As a result of our cooperation the suite .NET QuarX was born. We believe that .NET QuarX will be the new ultimate component suite designed for .NET developers.

.NET QuarX is assembled from the product lines of Nevron and Intersoft Solutions. It is a full selection of WinForm and WebForm components, providing professional and very much complete solution for .NET development with a highly competitive, royalty – free licensing scheme. The suite will be distributed under a new brand name and a dedicated website . It currently includes the latest Nevron .NET Vision release and the latest Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET release.

The name of the suite is meant to resemble the physical term quarks (in physics, one of the most basic forms of matter that make up the heavier elementary particles). Just like the quarks, which build the matter, the .NET QuarX will help the developers built any type of .NET application.
“We believe this joint suite is an excellent idea and brings a great benefit for us, Nevron, and of course our customers.” says Merina Halim, the Chief Marketing Officer of Intersoft Solutions Corp.

.NET QuarX takes the concept of a complete .NET component suite to the next level by including the most advanced Windows Forms and Web Forms Charting, Diagramming User Interface, Grid and even more components into one package with affordable pricing. Unlike most component vendors which require customers to pay additional fees for new servers, QuarX throws away all non-sense licensing. This means users can ship their Web application in any number of servers or distribute it to any number of clients. Unbelievable, but true!

“With advanced WebForm and WinForm components, and premium data visualization toolset in one package, QuarX is the most comprehensive .NET Component Suite available in the market today.”, says Jimmy Petrus, the CEO of Intersoft Solutions Corp. “With this strategic partnership, we will continue to focus and innovate further on our products in Webform industry while Nevron will continue to deliver the best-breed of Winforms components. The combination of both will definitely deliver the best value and highest quality of .NET Component Suite in the market”.

.NET QuarX has a tremendous value for the professional .NET developer, says Ivo Milanov, CTO of Nevron. It is a unique assembly of components developed by companies, which are leaders in their respective product segment. Other suites are built from companies not specialized in a concrete market segment and therefore cannot provide such a complete feature set, polished API and robustness as we can.

The .NET QuarX initiative of Nevron and Intersoft however goes beyond the suite it aims to ensure that our companies exchange know-how, provide the same quality support services and share similar licensing schemes. It also ensures that we can both continue to be focused on improving our existing products, while covering a wider range of user’s demands.