How To: Silverlight DataGrid Barcode custom column with Linq XML data binding

Technologies used
– Neodynamic Barcode Professional for Silverlight (any version)
– Silverlight 4 or greater
– Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
– Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition
– Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express Edition

This sample demo code illustrates how easily you can bind Barcode Professional to XML data in Silverlight Applications Barcode Professional for Silverlight supports both DataBinding model i.e. XAML declarative DataBinding syntax as well as binding in code. The data source for our data binding sample will be a simple XML file storing Tech Books info such as Title, Summary, ISBN (International Standard Book Number) code and Cover Image.

The following sample demo code features:
– A simple Silverlight Application which will display info about Books stored in an XML file. The info will be displayed by a DataGrid control with custom column templates for each book.
– Convert the ISBN code to a Barcode representation by leveraging Barcode Professional for Silverlight

A Silverlight DataGrid with Barcodes generated by Barcode Professional for Silverlight

Sample Files Download
Here are the VB.NET and C# versions of this sample. Please download the zip file and extract it.

For Visual Basic.NET: (481 KB)
For Visual C#.NET: (472 KB)

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