NCache 2.0 Provides Distributed Caching for NHibernate

AlachiSoft has released version 2.0.2 of their NCache clustered caching product for .NET. The latest features in version 2.0 include support for NHibernate, the leading Open Source O/R Mapping engine for .NET. Download a 60-day FREE Trial from

NHibernate includes a simple caching scheme that is good for a single-server configuration. However, for .NET applications running in server farm environments, this single-server caching does not work. They need a distributed object cache that is aware of a multi-server environment and can keep the cache fresh on all servers. NCache provides exactly that for NHibernate.

Customers who download NCache will find a caching provider for NHibernate along with its source code. There are also instructions on how to setup NCache to work seamlessly with NHibernate.

NCache also provides a graphical tool for configuring and monitoring clustered caches from a single computer. Performance monitoring is also built into this tool that let’s customers immediately see how their application is performing and how each server in the server-farm is contributing toward this performance.

NCache also provides a rich set of clustering topologies to let customers meet their specific needs. This includes Replicated Cache, Partitioned Cache, and Client Cache topologies. Replicated Cache is intended for the most read-intensive applications and keeps copy of the entire cache on each node on the cluster. On the other hand, Partitioned Cache divides up the cache into n equal sized partitions and keeps each partition on each node in the cluster. Partitioned Cache is a little slower than Replicated Cache for small clusters but performs much faster for larger clusters and where reads are not as many as replicated configurations. Finally, Client Cache is intended to allow some of the nodes in the cluster to be either data-less of keep a very small cache on top of the cache.

NCache ensures that all the data in the cache is synchronized always throughout the cluster.

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