DARTECH, Inc. Releases DART PRO 24

DART PRO 24 is a powerful new tool used for maximizing audio quality for music and speech, new and old recordings. DART PRO 24 is the latest in a succession of many releases spanning several years of DART products.

This product has several new features including DART DeCrackle and DART MaskNoise that brings to a total of eight different and powerful tools for various types of audio restoration and sound quality improvement.

DART PRO 24 now supports 24 bit recording and audio files, frequencies up to 96 kHz and batch processing for long running and unattended work. The DART programs use the latest and most advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms that are the best in the audio industry. DART PRO 24 includes all of the previous tools found in DART XP PRO including the widely popular DART CD-Recorder CD rip and burn and audio file conversion program. DART PRO 24 is expected to be used heavily by audio professionals and experienced audio hobbyists worldwide. All of the DART software is available for free download and 30 day trial at the DART website www.dartpro.com. Special upgrade prices are available for current DART owners. More information can be found at the DART website.

Minneapolis, Minnesota (January 9, 2006) – DARTECH, Inc., a leading provider of audio restoration and recording software, today announced the release of DART PRO 24; the complete audio restoration, recording, editing, and CD Burning solution that offers the best way to maximize audio quality. DART PRO 24s new restoration tools make it a powerful program perfect for audio professionals and experienced hobbyists.

“By incorporating the newest and most advanced DSP algorithms, we’re demonstrating our commitment to both the audio professional and hobbyist,” said Andy Smith, Senior Product Specialist Whether you’re looking to remove unwanted noise from your latest sound project, or restore old records, or clarify recorded conversations, DART PRO 24 can do the job better than any other audio improvement system.

Several NEW FEATURES in DART PRO 24 give it a clear-cut advantage:
24 Bit 96 kHz processing – All functions and tools work on 16 or 24 bit sound files and any frequency up to 96 kHz.
Batch processing – Process multiple tasks (filters) in the background unattended.
MaskNoise – A new wideband noise suppression tool based on a psychoacoustic model of the human auditory system.
DeCrackle – Remove clicks and pops using automatic bidirectional processing of audio signals.
Split/Join tools – Separate a sound file into multiple frequency components for individual processing.
Divide/Combine tools – Separate a sound file into different time divisions for individual processing.
UpSample/DownSample tool – Change the sample rates in a sound file for individual processing.
Split Frequency processing – Allows all filters and tools to work on different frequency components separately.
Time Division processing – Allows all filters and tools to work on different time divisions separately.
Add All tool – Add multiple files to one sound file.
Combine All tool – Combine multiple files to one sound file automatically aligning the waveforms where they merge.
Multi-cut tool – Remove a selected fragment from many files.
MP3 import – Import MP3 files directly.

System requirements:
CPU: Intel Pentium or equivalent (or faster)
System Software: Microsoft Windows XP (Home/Professional), ME, 2000, and Windows NT.
Memory: 16MB RAM & 1.2 GB hard disk space; 128MB RAM & 10GB hard disk recommended (Temp space for writing a CD).
Sound Card: 16 or 24 Bit Windows compatible (for analog recording).
DVD/CD-R/W Drive: EIDE, USB or SCSI (for audio CDs).

Available on the Web right now:
DART PRO 24 is available now and has a MSRP of $299.95. Current DART registered users can upgrade to DART PRO 24 for $149.99. A free downloadable demo of DART PRO 24 is available from the DART web site at www.dartpro.com. Free technical support is available to registered users at pad@dartpro.com.