Smart PropertyGrid.Net 3.0: a PropertyGrid has never been so usable

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – May 13, 2008: VisualHint releases Smart PropertyGrid.Net 3.0, featuring complete support for right to left languages, lazy loading for performance, and many new features, like property value icons and incremental search while typing, for an increased usability.

Smart PropertyGrid.Net 3.0 sets a new standard for this component that was at first intended to be used only in Visual Studio. After having greatly improved the way multiple target instances can be handled, which throws out the Microsoft PropertyGrid behavior, this version shines with a first-class support for right to left languages, like hebrew and arabic, something rarely seen among .net components. The grid is perfectly mirrored in every aspect and will bring a new experience for your customers.

Additionally the overall performance has been drastically improved by implementing lazy loading, a term indicating that only needed properties are loaded at runtime: the grid can now target objects with thousands of properties with confidence. Version 3.0 also adds a nice way to set icons beside the property values, either tied to its semantic value or simply to show a state like a warning or a mandatory field. At last, among the new major features, incremental search has been added for every type of inplace control, even for those UITypeEditors whose source code is inaccessible: this brings to the end-user a quick way to select a new value for a property, when standard values are available. Many other minor features have been added and can be consulted in the changelog.

As a reminder, Smart PropertyGrid is the replacement of choice for developers who want a managed, powerful and flexible PropertyGrid for their desktop application. Based on a solid design, with a completely dynamic nature, Smart PropertyGrid.Net fixes the known shortcomings of its Microsoft counterpart and is the only product that is also compatible with it.

Smart PropertyGrid.Net 3.0 is available on May 13, 2007, from Prices start at 9 (U.S.) per license, with quantity discounts available.

About VisualHint
VisualHint is a private company, owned by Nicolas Cadilhac, a software engineer with more than 10 years experience in software development, specializing in the creation of complex graphical user interfaces. The company also publishes Smart PropertyGrid for MFC (now free for personal and commercial use).

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