Mindscape releases WPF Elements

Mindscape has released their second WPF product offering – WPF Elements. WPF Elements is a suite of 12 controls to aid in the rapid development of WPF line-of-business applications by providing controls that end users would expect.

The suite is designed to save developers from needing to hand craft the controls that they require and therefore reduce development time on WPF projects.

Controls included in WPF Elements:

  • WPF Multicolumn TreeView control (aka WPF TreeListView)
  • WPF Currency Text box
  • WPF Integer Text box
  • WPF Numeric Text box
  • WPF Masked Text box
  • WPF DateTimePicker
  • WPF DropDownDatePicker
  • WPF MonthCalendar
  • WPF Spin control (aka up-down control)
  • WPF Spin decorator
  • WPF DropDownEditBox
  • WPF ProportionalStackPanel

For more information about WPF Elements please visit: http://www.mindscape.co.nz/products/wpfelements/

Mindscape also simplified the pricing model for their WPF products:

Single developer license, no source: $ 149 USD
Site license, with source: $ 449 USD

A free trial version of WPF Elements are available.