In-Process Database Engine Now Offering Stored Procedures and User-Defined Functions

Today, dataweb releases TurboDB Managed 1.4, the in-process database for true .NET applications. Version 1.4 adds stored procedures, user-defined functions and user-defined aggregates, which can be written either in SQL or in any .NET language.

TurboDB Managed is a fast in-process SQL database engine for applications, which require smooth deployment, royalty-free distribution and reliability. TurboDB is written completely in .NET code and therefore runs without any special access rights. Applications built with TurboDB can therefore also be downloaded from the Internet or execute from CD or DVC without installation.

TurboDB Managed supports nested SELECT statements, stored procedures, user-defined functions and aggregates as well as multi-user access. It is so fast, that it can import, sort, copy and export half a million addresses in about two minutes on a normal PC. It not only runs on desktop PCs but also on smart devices supporting .NET Compact Framework.
TurboDB Managed is delivered as an ADO.NET provider with designer and DDEX provider for Visual Studio, which guarantees first class integration into the IDE. In addition, there are stand-alone tools for managing databases and migrating data.