Looking to convert C script to VB to Call a DLL. Can this be done?

I’m going to post this with the idea that the readers will help with this question. Post a comment if you can help this person.

I have this code that I’m using with WinCC C script, which calls a DLL and some Functions. I am wondering if anyone could lend a hand in translating it to VBS, if at all possible.

Here is the example of code in C script:

#include “Example.h”

#pragma code(“Example.dll”)

BOOL Function1(int TransportInterface, char *pcaMDF_FileName); BOOL Function2(void); char * Function3(void);

BOOL Function4(char *pcaItemID,char *pcaValue); BOOL Function5(int AlarmId); BOOL Function6(int EventId);

int Function7(void);

BOOL Function8(int iCount, Function9 *pItem);

#pragma code ()

Functions 1-9 are all Functions within the Example.dll

If anyone can help or has any ideas on translating this that would be appreciated.