Nevron .NET Vision Q4 2006 Released

Nevron team announces the release of the powerful component suite for .NET developers Nevron .NET Vision Q4 2006. The suite is designed to enable developers to easily add very functional, diverse and great looking Charts and Diagrams into their .NET applications to visualize different types of business, financial or scientific data. It also includes fast and sleek User Interface component set that is completely manageable and customizable.

What Is New in version Q4 2006

Nevron Chart for .NET
The axes of Nevron Chart now employ a new Declarative Scale Model to describe the axis scale, scale decorations and wall decorations. This is combined with a powerful set of scale configurators that can be used to describe and extend any type of scale. This model has many advantages. Some examples: the scale can now automatically detect and resolve label overlapping both in 2D and 3D, you can visually highlight important ranges of data that the user has to pay special attention to, specify non-regular time units etc. There are more advantages of this model that are described in detail on our website.

Nevron Diagram for .NET
Although in this release there are no major changes in the Diagram, there are huge improvements, which Nevron is currently developing for this component. Since they are beyond the scope of a single quarterly release, they will be embedded in the diagram when completely tested and implemented. Major improvements will be present in the Layouts. For example the Spring Layout simulates spring and electrical forces. Different coefficients (spring stiffness, length, electrical charge) will be specifiable on a per object basis. The Custom Force Direction Layout will allow you to define your own set of forces, or use the currently provided forces.

The Diagram component will support pages. Each page will support different logical and display units, layers etc. The page will be controlled by a formula sheet. Nevron diagram will also support formula shapes. More details on this and other features will be published additionally.

Nevron User Interface Suite for .NET
Nevron User Interface is actually a component suite itself. It is designed to be totally customizable and manageable set of controls that developers can use to shape their applications with a smooth, professional looking and easy to work with graphical user interface. Many novelties are presented in this fast growing in resources and popularity component suite.
Now the “Entry Control” logic is greatly extended and enables you to have virtually any control wrapped, not only the ones that ship with Nevron User Interface. The Rich Text support has been greatly improved and optimized and now hyper-link support is available per UIElement basis. Nevron User Interface now provides simple yet elegant solution for localizing Nevron’s internal strings. It contains a user-definable dictionary which is used whenever a translation request is made. More information is available at Nevron Website.