VB Programmers Can Finally Escape Shame and Embarassment

VB programmers, long the scourge of the programming world, may finally get some respect. Not that they are singing the Aretha Franklin song, but thanks to a new software tool, they can convert their VB source code automatically to something respectable: C#.

VBConversions has released version 1.51 of their award winning VB.Net to C# converter, a fascinating and incredibly accurate programming tool that converts whole VB.Net projects, even groups of projects, to C# with incredible accuracy.

What is unique about the VBConversions VB.Net to C# Converter is not only it’s incredible accuracy, but the dozens of conversion options and fine grained control it gives the programmer.

For example, programmers can choose if they want their C# code to reference the VB namespace when converting traditional VB functions like “Mid$”, “Left$, or “Right$”, or whether to use .Net official functions like .Substring() instead.

There is a free download available at http://www.vbconversions.com and the purchase price is only $99.00. VB programmers, if you finally want some respect, check it out.

web: www.vbconversions.com
email: admin@vbconversions.com