TeachMeIT Launches Online Course for .Net Fundamentals

TeachMeIT, a leading provider of online courses in IT and desktop applications, has launched its first course on .Net.

Titled Introduction to. Net, the course is principally designed for programmers who want to learn the .Net fundamentals before moving on to working with .Net technologies such as ASP.Net and VB.Net.

Microsoft’s .NET technology has quickly become one of the most relevant skills from the bottom to the top of an organization’s IT division.

So why is .NET important to IT students?

More and more companies are developing solutions built on .NET. So it makes sense that .NET Developers are in demand. Be sure to put some .NET courses on your resume to broaden your career prospects.

So why is .NET important to Managers?

.NET can improve business processes

.NET can deliver bottom-line savings in IT infrastructure costs.

This course provides a jump-start for programmer analysts, developers, or project managers looking to understand what the .NET development framework has to offer. The course is also beneficial for managers who need to understand what features and benefits the .NET platform offers and wish to lower the learning curve to see how it can be leveraged in their company.

The course enables user to learn about the drawbacks of the pre .NET technologies that led to the development of .NET, to list the features of .NET, and to describe the architecture of the .NET platform.

A free demo of the new course is available on-line at:
.Net Online Course Demo

All TeachMeIT courses are spread across different chapters, which enable learners grasp the learning effectively. The learners also have the option to choose the topic of their interest to start their course, enabling them to focus the preparation on the specific areas as per their individual requirements. The content and the questions are designed to provide maximum learning with minimum effort.

The courses are equipped with quizzes at the end of each lesson and also include a Mastery Exam module, to be taken after completing the entire course.

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