Exclusive Discount on uCertify’s 70-548 C# and VB Prepkits

uCertify (July 22, 2008) uCertify, a premier solution provider in IT certification exam preparations, announces that the uCertify PrepKits for MCPD Exam 70-548 C# and VB will be released on July 31, 2008.

The Microsoft exam 70-548 is designed to test your ability to build rich client applications on the Windows Forms platform by using .NET Framework 2.0. The exam measures your working knowledge of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. After passing this exam, you will become an MCPD: Windows Developer certified professional. These PrepKits are available in two languages, i.e., C# and Visual Basic. The exam 70-548 (Designing and Developing Windows-Based Applications) is appropriate for you if you are working or want to work in a medium or large development environment that uses Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 Enterprise Developer or Visual Studio 2005.

The uCertify PrepKits for MCPD Exam 70-548 C# and VB are very useful for the candidates who are in need of a quality preparation tool for this highly specialized exam. Each PrepKit is bundled with advanced features of uCertify’s upgraded PrepEngine, which is now enhanced with one more new feature called ‘Learn and Study Mode’. The practice tests bundled in the PrepKit can be customized according to individual needs. Detailed results are also provided at the end of each test. This helps you prepare systematically so that you can focus on areas crucial to your individual requirements.

Shijaz Abdulla, a Microsoft MVP, remarked in his blog, “Speaking of Prepkits, the uCertify PrepKit is a great validation tool to ensure confidence in online tests. Perhaps the greatest differentiating factor between uCertify Prepkits and the others in the market lies in the detailed explanations given for each answer – it precisely tells you why an answer is correct and why the other options aren’t. Hence, the PrepKit becomes more a tutor rather than a ‘cram’tool that helps you memorize answers for the test.”

To know more about Shijaz’s views, visit his blog: http://blog.shijaz.com/2008/04/certifications-and-prepkits.html.

The 70-548 C# and VB PrepKits have 4 Exam Simulation Tests, each containing 250 thought provoking questions with detailed explanations for both the correct and incorrect answers. To get in-depth knowledge, more than 200 detailed study notes, along with technical articles and how tos, are also available in each PrepKit.

With sincere efforts to give the latest and the best in your MCPD Windows Developer certification exam preparations, a team of highly experienced and certified authors at uCertify are continuously working for research and innovations to provide the most comprehensive and realistic preparation tools for the 70-548 C# and VB crucial certification exam.

No risk now, no risk later. Try the free demo version of the 70-548 C# and VB PrepKits available at uCertify’s Web site to ascertain their unique features. This special offer is available for a limited time period only.


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