How To: ASP.NET Dynamic Image Composition Data Binding consuming Amazon Web Services using ImageDraw

This white paper describes how you can use the ImageDraw’s Dynamic Image Composition concept when working with real world XML Web Services such us Amazon Web Services which provides developers with direct access to Amazon\’s robust technology platform.

In order to demonstrate how you can use ImageDraw’s Dynamic Image Composition concept in Web Services scenarios, a fictitious ASP.NET Music Search page was developed. The idea behind that demo application is to leverage search power and content data to Amazon Web Services while leveraging visual appearance of search results to ImageDraw controls. The following figure shows how the demo application works.

Key features of this sample demo
– Use Amazon Web Service (AWS) to get music titles based on keywords entered by users. The address of the WSDL (Web Services Description Language) file for the Amazon Web Services is this:

– An ImageDraw control – inside a DataList – is used to dynamically merge local “static” images – a CD Case and a Price Spot – with CD Music Cover images and prices returned by Amazon Web Services, highly improving the whole appearance of the search results page. All this content is rendered by ASP.NET Data Binding.

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