Lassalle Technologies Release Addflow for .NET V2.0

Introducing the Next Generation of the Popular flowcharting/diagramming component

Lassalle Technologies, a leading supplier of powerful flowcharting/diagramming components, today released a much-anticipated upgrade to its highly acclaimed product AddFlow for .NET.

AddFlow for .NET is a .NET Windows Forms Custom control that is useful each time you need to display and use relationships between objects in your application. The new V2.0, created with Visual Studio 2005, introduces new features such as a parent-child relationship that provides a new way to group nodes, assign labels or dock nodes inside, the support of the XmlSerializable interface, a property bag feature to easily add new properties to nodes and links and many other enhancements.

With the release of AddFlow for .NET 2.0, not only we are providing our customers with Visual Studio 2005 specific features, but also a more flexible component allowing the creation of all kinds of flowcharting diagrams. Moreover, this new version still have all the benefits that proved popular in the previous version: small deployment assembly, small programming interface, easy to use. said Patrick Lassalle from Lassalle Technologies.

Product Availability & Pricing
AddFlow for .NET is available immediately. It is priced at 499 USD for the single developer license. Source code is also available please contact for more information

Further information, a free trial version, or an upgrade for existing AddFlow for .NET users can be obtained from the Lassalle website or by contacting


About Lassalle Technologies
Lassalle Technologies, a publisher of software components, has been founded in 1997. Lassalle Technologies develops highest quality, robust, small, flexible and easy-to-use ActiveX or .NET components dedicated to the creation of flowcharts, diagrams and workflow diagrams.

AddFlow is the core product: it is useful each time you need to display and use relationships between objects in your application. Other products allow performing graph layout algorithms: they automatically position the vertices and the edges of a graph, following some aesthetic rules (Hierarchical, symmetric, tree, …). Currently, over 3,000 companies, in 70 countries, use Lassalle Technologies products.

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