Version 2.1 of Cryptic Disk

EXLADE, Inc. today announces the release of version 2.1 of Cryptic Disk, a popular disk encryption tool that uses a trusted, validated algorithm (AES-256) chosen by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and stated to be the cryptographic standard for years to come. AES-256 is a FIPS-approved symmetric encryption algorithm that may be used by U.S. Government organizations and others to protect sensitive information.

Cryptic Disk easily creates encrypted disk partitions to keep private and confidential data secure. Cryptic Disk allows to 100% protect the privacy of the important data and ensures that only the owner of the documents will get access to the protected data in accordance with the defined user privileges.

Cryptic Disk has been developed as a utility to work with hard drives, but it works just as well with removable storage media, such as USB Flash drives. It’s all simple – once the data is encrypted, the files cannot be accessed by any person who does not know the password. After decryption, all files become accessible and the hard drive works normally, says Vasil Mikulich, the author of Cryptic Disk. You can use Cryptic Disk either at home or in the office. We also added multiple users support to the program, so different degrees of access privileges for different users can be set by the system administrator. As a result each user will have access to the encrypted data that he or she has the access rights to, but not to the data of others.

Cryptic Disk is a reliable solution whenever there is a need for data protection on a shared computer, a need to strongly protect confidential documents, emails, business agreements, personal letters, tax returns or receipts, bank accounts or any other sensitive information. Users do not need any special knowledge in security to start protecting their private information. No wonder Peter Marx, one of the customers, expressed his gratitude in such words: You guys have a good program, here. Good interface, easy to understand and use. I chose yours over Dekart Private Disk and SecurStar DriveCrypt.

With the new version of Cryptic Disk come several useful features. Operating Cryptic Disk became faster and easier as you can now specify system hotkeys for the main operations in the program, like mount or dismount encrypted volumes. It is also made possible to select multiple users in the User Management dialog box. What it means is that each encrypted disk/partition can have its list of users with individual passwords and access rights. The disk administrator (the user who created the disk) or other users authorized by the administrator can manage the list of users. Among other improvements are individual settings for each encrypted disk, an option to configure mounted encrypted disks to be automatically unmounted, etc.

Cryptic Disk Features at a Glance:
Your disk(s) (including removable media) are secured with a powerful and robust encryption algorithm (AES-256) ensuring that only authorized users may access it;
Encrypted disks and partitions can be erased and converted into regular ones any time you like;
Individual password and access rights for each user of an encrypted disk ;
Password protection for Cryptic Disk itself to limit access to the program by other users of the computer;
Friendly interface. No need to reboot your computer after installation of the program;
Look at the price and be surprised. Cryptic Disk IS cheaper than its rivals.

Pricing and Availability
Cryptic Disk 2.1 runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server and costs $49.95 (USD) for a Home license or $69.95 (USD) for a Business license. There is a progressive discount according to the number of licenses you purchase (for example, it is only $13.95 (USD) for 100-1000 Home licenses). Registered customers are entitled to free updates and lifetime technical support. An evaluation version of Cryptic Disk is available as a free download at (1.8 Mb).

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