ScimoreDB Embedded Database Released

Scimore UAB, a developer of distributed/parallel high-performance RDBMS, today has announced availability of embedded database “ScimoreDB Embedded database” that delivers high throughput in heavy workload applications, small memory footprint, and easy-to-use interface and yet a full set of high-performance RDBMS features. Plus, competitive price of the database offers OEM/ISV significant cost savings.

Powerful transaction processing, achieved using asynchronous disk, network access and SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing) scheduling technology, offers high transaction throughput in a single or multithreaded environment. Easy administration enables users quickly to setup database properties for an embedded application. In addition, users can specify the resources embedded databases must not exceed, e.g. how many CPUs to use, memory size.

About Scimore UAB.
Scimore UAB, a technical company with over 5 years of experience in database development, develops and sells the high performance distributed SQL database that offers significant cost savings to power high-load websites, business applications and packaged software. Our mission is to help customers reduce hardware, software and development costs by providing exceptional database performance and affordable price. For more information on Scimore UAB software, visit