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Someone said before that–the iPod Touch could be your only ticket to the multi-touch experience, which we expect to play large in Apple’s future, and you might be able to justify the purchase on that basis alone–I totally agree with that, and I think the most stunning thing of multi-touch is its dynamic, visual physicality – that is, it’s a visual interface that acts like real-world objects that have mass and inertia and which you can “toss” around with a flick of your finger. And we expect to see this advanced dynamic interface far more widespread in the future.

For most iPod owners, include you I guess, are not satisfying with only to play common music and videos with your lovely iPod. While there has been many times I heard that people complaining about the issues that some songs not playing with their iPod touch, more specifically, the iTune plays the music, seems to sync and the album cover shows up, but when trying to play it on iPod, the track doesn’t play and the progress bar doesn’t move. Some just say that some certain video files can’t play on their iPod. All the problems could be caused by compatibility issue.

There’s a way out. With the help of additional freeware and shareware apps, it’s easy to extend your ‘iPod’s abilities in more ways. iPod video converter is definitely a good choice . Being powerful but easy to use, it enables you to convert all popular audio and video files, such as AVI, MPEG, MOV, MP4, VOB, DivX, XviD, AAC, AC3, MP3 to MPEc,G 4 and H.264 Video that can be playable on iPod family: iPod Touch, iPod Video Nano and of course the new iPod Classic. it also has excellent video editing ability: crop out unwanted subtitles and unnecessary black bars, trim the video by setting the start time and ending time, customize the effect like saturation, contrast, etc,. you can also capture view from the video and store them as jpg,bmp or png.

iPod video converter is suitable for both novice and expert, you don’t have to have previous experience, and you will find just how powerful this program could be .it’s known for fast conversion speed but without video quality loss. Find more specific tools you need to work with your iPod

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