Intellisoft, Inc. releases ManageMore Simple Start Edition

Intellisoft, Inc. announces a new Shareware software version of its popular ManageMore Business Software product line.

The ManageMore Simple Start Edition is a powerful business automation software that is aimed at competing with Inuit’s QuickBooks product line.

At a mere fraction of the price, Intellisoft is looking to turn heads with this extremely powerful accounting, point-of-sale, inventory control, CRM and analytical reporting tool.

Intellisoft, Inc. of Florida, a software development firm since 1992, has been quietly planning the development and release of a new shareware software spin-off from its popular ManageMore Business Software product line. Intellisoft is unveiling a product titled “ManageMore Simple Start Edition.” This product is aimed to compete with some of the popular commercial low-end accounting packages like Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro series, as well as a handful of other common point of sale, contact management and inventory control packages found in retail stores and on the internet today.

The Simple Start Edition (“SSE”) has been uniquely designed as a “Download and Go” business software package for the entrepreneur who wants to get up and running quickly. According to Intellisoft, Inc., SSE has many of the business features found in high end accounting packages, as well as many automation features that would require another three or four software products to accomplish.

One of the unique aspects of the SSE is that it is fully scalable and will allow the business to grow without having to change business software products in the short-term. According to Thomas Trumbly, V.P. of Operations at Intellisoft, “Products like QuickBooks are really meant for one man operations. When a business venture does well and starts expanding by hiring more employees and opening multiple branches and/or warehouses, they are forced to look at other alternatives rather quickly. They must also painstakingly convert all their data to a new system and retrain an entire company on a new product. ManageMore’s Simple Start Edition is a great initial step for a business person who wants an inexpensive software that he or she can grow with as their business endeavors succeed.”

Intellisoft explains that another advantage of the Simple Start Edition is that it is geared for over 100 different business models and has well over a hundred preset options to tailor the program to a business owner’s specific needs. For example, retail based businesses will appreciate its built-in point of sale and credit card processing capabilities, while wholesalers, distributors and MOTO operations can utilize SSE’s integrated sales order processing.

Mr. Trumbly adds “Our Simple Start Edition is truly meant to give start-up operations a huge competitive edge against other businesses that are juggling several products like QuickBooks, Act!, GoldMine, ComCash, Outlook Express, and Microsoft RMS, just to manage their company. With SSE priced at under one hundred dollars. we are confident that no other business solution offers more for less. ”

Intellisoft is anticipating that their ManageMore Simple Start Edition’s attractive price point and all-in-one bundled solution will triple their customer base in the coming years and bring additional revenue from those entrepreneurs who succeed as a result of using their product. A free download of this product has been made available by Intellisoft at

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Intellisoft, Inc., delivers an affordable business software solution designed to help growth-oriented companies collaborate and succeed Features include Accounting, Point-of-sale, eCommerce, CRM, Inventory control, Purchasing, Order Entry, Email, and more. Our Award-winning product lines include the ManageMore Standard Edition, Professional Edition, Complete Edition and Enterprise Edition.
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