Innovasys Releases HelpStudio Lite

HelpStudio Lite, included in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Software Development Kit.

Innovasys Ltd., a leader in help authoring and documentation tools, today announced the inclusion of a tailored version of the Innovasys HelpStudio help authoring product, HelpStudio Lite, in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Software Development Kit.

By providing a full help authoring environment within the Visual Studio 2005 SDK, Innovasys is providing developers building components and products that integrate with Visual Studio 2005 a complete solution for authoring help materials to accompany their solutions. HelpStudio Lite enables developers to author and maintain high quality help content with a consistent style quickly and easily.

“We’re pleased to continue our relationship with Innovasys and support HelpStudio Lite in the Visual Studio 2005 SDK,” said Nick Abbott, group manager in the .NET Developer Product Management Group at Microsoft Corp. “Developers building tools and components that integrate with Visual Studio 2005 will benefit from Innovasys’ solution, because it enables them to seamlessly author help materials for their solutions and create a consistent look and feel for the end customer.”

HelpStudio Lite includes a template based authoring concept that makes it easy for developers to customize and change over time the look and feel of a help system without requiring rework to existing content. HelpStudio Lite ships with two default templates; one that reflects the look and feel of Visual Studio .NET 2003 technical documentation and another implementing the new style introduced with Visual Studio 2005 technical documentation.

“Enabling developers to concentrate on content authoring is a core part of the HelpStudio design. The template based authoring concept, together with the many other productivity features of HelpStudio Lite enable developers to get great looking results, consistent with the established Microsoft documentation styles, right out of the box.” said Richard Sloggett, CTO of Innovasys.

Developers can easily upgrade to the full version of HelpStudio in order to enjoy a range of enhanced functionality including pure HTML and HTML Help 1.x output, PDF booklet creation, conditional content, customizable ‘content helpers’ library, source code control integration, imaging and screen capture tools and a full automation and extensibility application programming interface (API). HelpStudio Lite users may also decide to upgrade to the full HelpStudio version if they wish to produce help content that is not integrated with Visual Studio 2005.

Document! X Integration
Both HelpStudio Lite and the full version of HelpStudio integrate with Innovasys Document! X. Document! X automates the production of technical documentation for Microsoft .NET Framework-based and COM-based components, type libraries, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access databases and XSD schemas. Document! X features a Visual Comment Editor integrated into Visual Studio 2005 that enables developers to edit their XML format source code comments within a WYSIWYG preview of the generated page. Also included is a stand-alone authoring environment for creating content external to source code comments.

Document! X integration with HelpStudio and HelpStudio Lite enables developers to create complete help systems, including a full API reference for .NET Framework-based components generated automatically by Document! X as well as manually authored tutorials and supporting material created in HelpStudio or HelpStudio Lite.

“Document! X and HelpStudio form a powerful toolset for creating technical materials for .NET Framework-based components. The integration in the HelpStudio authoring environment makes it easy to link to automatically generated reference topics from HelpStudio topics, and the seamless build process allows developers to build a single consolidated help system directly from HelpStudio that contains both the automatically generated reference topics and the content manually authored in HelpStudio.” said Richard Sloggett.

Microsoft is distributing HelpStudio Lite with the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. HelpStudio Lite is included free and automatically installed along with the SDK. The full version of HelpStudio has pricing starting at $425.

About Innovasys
Founded in 1997, Innovasys is a leading provider of technical documentation and help authoring tools. The combination of Document! X, for automated technical documentation of Microsoft .NET components, COM components, databases and XSD schemas, and HelpStudio, for help authoring, optionally integrated with Document! X is used by companies worldwide including Infragistics, Dundas, Telerik, Data Dynamics and Janus Systems.

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