Design visually appealing BI applications with .Net ModelKit Suite!

02/13/2009 – Perpetuum Software LLC has announced a new version of .Net components package for reporting, OLAP analysis, and data visualization that is designed to improve and automate decision-making and control management process.

.Net ModelKit Suite is a productive, fully integrated component for developing, deploying and maintaining any analytical applications types. .Net ModelKit Suite includes: Report Sharp-Shooter, OLAP ModelKit, Chart ModelKit and Instrumentation ModelKit. All these components represent an interconnected development framework. This means that you can easily complement reports with stunning charts or gauges and create intelligent digital dashboards composed of graphs and indicators.

A new version of the .Net ModelKit Suite features advanced abilities in the design of application appearance. Such emphasis was made because even the most advanced project can lose its commercial return due to poor design.

New version of Chart ModelKit contains a collection of 180 graphs created in 10 various styles. Wide range of series forms and colors allows the representation of any information to address your clients taste. Using these unique charts you will be able to design complicated numeric data in glass, bright, purple, silver and other colors, thus to sort out the most important information.

Instrumentation ModelKit includes 80 new gauges created in the same styles as Chart ModelKit collection. Full styles coincidence is a very beneficial feature for digital dashboards developers. The use of charts and gauges collections will allow the design of attractive informative dashboard in a single style. Such appearance will distinguish your application advantageously from the competitors and completely meet your clients’ requirements.

Moreover, all these new sets can be used to visually represent data contained in reports. Report Sharp-Shooter allows the use of Chart ModelKit charts and Instrumentation ModelKit controls in reports. Your reports will be easier to analyze and, as a result, it will be an irreplaceable solution in decision making.

New version of Report Sharp-Shooter includes functionality aimed on giving the developers more freedom in work with the component. Using Public designer functionality you can create custom end user designer by full customization of toolbox and changing designer appearance. The whole standard designer functionality will be the same.

A new version of the .Net ModelKit Suite includes a set of fixes which allows the increase of components performance and flexibility.

Use .Net ModelKit Suite and your application will strike your clients with combination of attractiveness and functionality!

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