Create any reports in SharePoint using report generator for Silverlight.

Perpetuum Software LLC announces the release of Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part which allows the easy integration of report generator for Silverlight into SharePoint portals.

MS SharePoint – complex solution for Intranet creation

SharePoint Services – software for creation of the integrated information space (corporate portal) which optimizes communication among employees, facilitates workflow and access to the needed data within company of virtually any size.

Reports and documents creation in MS SharePoint

MS SharePoint offers to use Excel Services or Reporting Services for reports creation. But these components either can’t solve the problem of complex and non-standard reports creation or building of such reports takes a lot of time.

Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight: SharePoint Web Part

Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight is an advanced solution for the creation of reports of any complexity on the basis of any .Net data sources with the use of Silverlight technology. To integrate the reporting tool for Silverlight into SharePoint you should just add Silverlight Viewer web part to the corporate portal, implement the report viewer for Silverlight into a Web page and enter address of the WCF service to get a list of all available reports. Thus, you avoid such problems as:

• Use of cumbersome Reporting Services for reports creation and preview;
• Purchase and use of MS Office;
• Adjust your reports to the forms offered by Reporting Services or Excel.

And get such advantages as:

• Up-to-date Silverlight technology features;
• Use of various reports types (cross tab, parameterized, sub-reports, SideBySide reports and so on) or creation of custom ones;
• Ability to execute different manipulations with the reports: preview, zoom, navigate, pan, search for information;
• Reports export to PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel;
• Addition of charts, diagrams and KPIs to the reports;
• Timely delivery of the needed report to a client via Internet.

Integration of Report Sharp-Shooter for Silverlight into SharePoint portals allows the creation of powerful reporting system capable of addressing any requirements to the documents. Now your clients will be able to perform better business analysis of all company activities.

Use advanced Silverlight reporting solution for MS SharePoint to improve your company efficiency:

About Perpetuum Software:

The company was founded in 2002. It offers .Net software components designed for reporting, data analysis and visualization. Company headquarter is based in Russia (Barnaul) with offices in Europe (Italy) and Latin America (Brazil). It stands as Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. 3500 clients in more than 70 countries have been using Perpetuum Software products for 6 years.