Convert DRM Protected Audio & Video

With Melodycan converter you can enjoy any purchased or legally obtained song or movie on your iPod, any other MP3, MP4, DivX or DVD player, CD player, mobile phone or PC – without any restrictions! Our program uses the unique technology, which gives you the ability to convert any kind of protected media to regular audio and video formats, that can be played on dozens of compatible devices. For example MelodyCan converts protected music and video files from iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster to Go, Yahoo Music, Audible, Sony CONNECT etc.

The software actually supports any kind of protected Windows Media Audio files (WMA), MPEG4-AAC Audio files (M4P, M4A, M4B), Real Audio files (RAX, RA) and almost any music or movie that can be played with Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player, RealPlayer or Rhapsody Player. Our program also supports long-lasting audiobooks.

The only condition is that the music content must be legally obtained and can be played on the computer where MelodyCan is installed. Converted songs and movies have NO restrictions anymore!

MelodycanDRM Converter popular tasks are:

* Convert DRM protected music
* Convert DRM protected WMA files
* Convert iTunes to MP3 format
* Convert Rhapsody files to MP3
* Unprotect WMA files
* Convert iTunes Videos to MPEG
* Convert protected RAX to MP3
* Remove DRM from WMV files
* Remove DRM audio & video copy protection
* Remove DRM legally

System Requirements:

Windows® XP x32, Windows® 2003 x32 or Windows® Vista x32
1 GHz processor or faster
256 MB RAM or more
Windows Media® Player 9 or higher installed, which can be downloaded for free from Microsoft®