The New Extreme VB and .Net

As you can see the site went through a major upgrade. The software I used was outdated and I got tired of hacking at the code to make it work like it was supposed to.

There were some things I just could not fix so I decided to go with WordPress which I modified for my use.

On the old site I had to shutoff features because of spam and abuse. Those features are back on and spam filters are in place to block the problems I had with the old software.

Anyone can now submit content once again. The posts will be checked by the spam filters and then added to a moderation queue. Once it passes the filters I will get an email to approve the posts which I can then do by clicking a link in the email.

Please pardon the dust. Some sections are not yet completed. The downloads haven’t been imported and the FAQ is being developed.

I wasn’t able to import users because of the archaic system used to obfuscate email address and encrypt passwords. I apologize to the people that have to register again.

If you encounter any bugs or have any questions please post a comment to this post.

The old site is now archived and in time will be removed. If you wish to view some of the old content and downloads here is the link:

And welcome to the new Extreme VB and .Net