Russian R&D Department of 9Rays.Net Detaches into an Independent Company

9Rays.Net official representatives announce the separation of the Russian department and foundation of a new independent company Perpetuum Software.

Currently Perpetuum Software and 9Rays.Net represent two autonomous legal entities, financially and technically independent. The main purpose of such administrative changes is not to sever business relations with 9Rays.Net but to optimize departments work and provide more dedicated services to the current and future clients. Moreover, 9Rays.Net and Perpetuum Software intend to continue the cooperation in the industry of software components development, promotion and co-marketing.

Such well-known software components as Report Sharp-Shooter, Instrumentation ModelKit, OLAP ModelKit, Instrumentation Widgets and Instrumentation Widgets for PDA that have been developed by Russian R&D department will be now released by and under Perpetuum Software.

The representatives of both companies assure that current restructuring will not somehow affect 9Rays current clients. The quality of support provided will remain on the same high level; the inquiries related to Perpetuum Software and its products will be promptly readdressed to an appropriate representative within Perpetuum Software, all complex issues will be solved individually with each customer applying.

Perpetuum Software web site is