RapidSpell Desktop .NET v4 released

Keyoti are pleased to release v4 of RapidSpell Desktop .NET. RapidSpell allows you to add spell checking to Windows Forms and WPF applications quickly and easily.

Improvements in v4.0

* User options form added, with user dictionary editor
* Autocorrect (English / customizable) added to RapidSpellAsYouType
* Undo function added to RapidSpellDialog
* Dynamic add/remove of text boxes to spell checker controls
* WPF support for RapidSpellDialog
* Simpler and more flexible UI customization
* Global change all/ignore all
* Ignore once implementation for coupled RapidSpellDialog & RapidSpellAsYouType
* Tighter integration between RapidSpellDialog & RapidSpellAsYouType
* Improved handling of programmatic text changes
* Duplicate word detection in RapidSpellAsYouType added (already present in Dialog)
* Sentence context shown in dialog checker

Further details can be found here, http://keyoti.com/products/rapidspell/dotNet/