OOXML Standard ISO/IEC 29500:2008 is Supported by Aspose.Words

What’s new in this release?

We are proud to announce that Aspose.Words for .NET 9.0.0 now supports ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Transitional. The International Organization for Standardization just recently accepted The OOXML new standard ISO/IEC 29500:2008 (supported by MS Word 2010) an extension of the older ECMA-376:2006 standard (supported by MS Word 2007). Some more details are given below.

The new stuff
The new features of ISO/IEC 29500:2008 can be categorized in several areas.

  • New data schemas for older elements: This category includes more flexible and intuitive ways to write data. Per new spec data involving twips (twentieth of a point) or half points now can be specified using cm/mm/inch/pica/point units. Percentage values can be written with % sign. Some data types include new enum values.
  • Additional information provided for existing elements: Tables now can contain description and caption and also header elements/information linking cells to their headers. Additional info is provided for linked and embedded objects through new elements objectEmbed and objectLink.
  • Elaborated support for RTL/LTR languages: A number of additions improve Right-To-Left (RTL) and Left-To-Right (LTR) languages area. New elements such as dir, bdo are added. Elements start and end now carry semantics of older left and right.
  • New document settings:Some new elements added to document settings and web settings including custom compatibility settings.

 What’s implemented?

Aspose.Words 9.0 supports reading and writing ISO/IEC 29500:2008 Transitional conformant documents, including almost 80 additions or enhancements introduced. The list of the features “to be supported later” includes:

  • RTL/LTR elements bdo and dir;
  • Table header/headers elements;
  • Custom pictures for page borders;
  • Custom number format for list numbering levels;
  • Additional properties for linked/embedded objects

Newly added documentation pages and articles

Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Words for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Words for performing different tasks like the followings.

Overview: Aspose.Words for .NET

Aspose.Words is a word processing component that enables .NET applications to read, write and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, TOC updated/rebuilt, Embedded OOXML, Footnotes rendering and support of DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can even use Aspose.Words for .NET to build applications with Mono.

More about Aspose.Words for .NET

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