Mindscape releases the first 100% WPF Property Grid

Mindscape has released the first 100% WPF Property Grid that supports the .Net framework 3.0 and 3.5. For the first time, developers can use a property grid within their WPF applications without the need to use winforms interop, enabling the power and flexibility that WPF provides right out of the box.

Key features of the WPF Property Grid are:

Native WPF control
Use Windows Presentation Foundation visual effects such as styling, composition and animation to incorporate the WPF Property Grid into visually compelling user experiences. The WPF Property Grid also supports WPF data binding.
Familiar user experience and API
Drop-in replacement for the Windows Forms property grid. Out-of-the-box experience includes numeric, calendar and color editors.
Extensible and customizable
Add or customize editors using familiar Windows Presentation Foundation features such as data templates and styles.
Flexible data model
Add entries to the grid at runtime, or data bind to a collection of key-value pairs. This feature enables you to use the WPF Property Grid to configure sets of data which aren\’t represented by a single class, or aren\’t known until runtime.
Simple, royalty-free redistribution
You can freely redistribute the WPF Property Grid control with your application – no need for runtime licenses. The grid ships as a single DLL file and supports xcopy installation – no special installation steps are required.

A free trial version is available for download, allowing developers to try out the WPF Property Grid and explore the extensive documentation and samples.

Mindscape WPF Property Grid is available on the 22nd of January, 2008, from http://www.WPFPropertyGrid.com. Prices start at (U.S.) per developer, with quantity discounts available. Site licenses and source code licenses are also available.

Web: http://www.WPFPropertyGrid.com
Email: http://www.mindscape.co.nz/about/contactus/