Extreme VB New Owner

I recently re-acquired Extreme VB and all data and downloads that made this site a great resource a few years ago. I had sold the content and extreme-vb.com domain when I had no time for the site. I since re-acquired, as of yesterday, all content and files. I have a lot of work to do getting everything working again.

Once I get everything up and running I will concentrate on adding more content, tutorials, articles and downloads. I will switch the focus to VB.Net, but will leave all the legacy Visual Basic articles, tutorials and downloads in place. I will also be adding a forum so you’ll have a place to ask your Visual Basic.Net programming questions.

I will send an email out to all users in the future to let them know Extreme VB is back. If you made friends on Extreme VB and would like to renew the acquaintance drop them an email and let them know the site is back.