Search Engine Spell Check

Did You Mean (Search Engine Spell Check) Functionality now avaiable for ASP applications.

Much of the worlds business infrastructure has been built in ASP. Finally there is an affordable, stable search engine spell check solution for ASP websites, intranets and applications.

“Did You Mean ” ( is the new search spellchecker component for Microsoft ASP.

ASPDidYouMean is the search engine spell check component for Microsoft ASP web applications.
Component Overview: “Goggle” style search spelling suggestions & Improved search results, compatible with ASP search engines, websites and intranets

ASPDidYouMean provides international spellchecking for ASP search engines.
You can easily integrate this functionality with your ASP website, intranet or portal.

The component closely resembles the “Did You Mean…?” feature seen on Goggle and Yahoo!

With no ActiveX controls, Database or DLLs to install, you can be up and running in minutes. ASPDidYouMean can even be used on shared hosting packages.

Lucy M

Hello, I want to add the ‘did you mean’ feature (like on Google) on my shareware site, where a lot of users have mistypes, and they get 0 results… so they exit the site very fast. Do you have any idea how I could implement such a thing? Does it require a dictionary or something? I found some scripts (including this ASPdidyoumean), but none of them gave relevant results… just stupid, irrelevant suggestions. Any help would be appreciated…
Thanks, Lucy