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FolderView.Net Control 2009 released.

FolderView.Net 2009 brings drop-in Windows-Explorer-like folder browser functionality to your Windows Forms and WPF apps. This UI component is a perfect [...]

Shell MegaPack ActiveX 2009 released

Shell MegaPack ActiveX 2009 brings total Windows Explorer-like file & folder browser UI functionality to your forms and dialogs in just a couple of [...]

Microsoft Refreshes Visual C++, Ends VB 6 Support

With the release of a new feature pack for Visual C++ 2008, developers can now write applications that feature the Office 2007 appearance, a Microsoft senior [...]

Nevron .NET Vision Q1 2007 Released Powerful GUI

Nevron development team announces the release of the new version of Nevron .NET Vision advanced, professional component suite for data visualization and GUI [...]

Shell MegaPack.Net 9.0 Released

Shell MegaPack.Net 9.0 recreates the entire Windows Explorer file/folder browsing UI functionality in your app in just a couple of seconds. It provides a [...]

VisualHint Releases Smart PropertyGrid.Net Version 2.0

Smart PropertyGrid.Net Version 2.0 is a major milestone for developers because it supersedes the Microsoft PropertyGrid in every way. The addition of several [...]

FolderView.Net Control 8.0 Released

Sky Software is pleased to announce the release of FolderView.Net 8.0 Control which brings drop-in Windows-Explorer-like folder browsing UI functionality to [...]

Shell MegaPack.Net 8.0 released

Shell MegaPack.Net 8.0 recreates the entire Windows Explorer shell browsing UI functionality in your app in just a couple of seconds. It provides a familiar [...]

FileView.Net Control 7.1

FileView.Net Control 7.1 brings a drop-in Windows Explorer-like listview to your application complete with Thumbnail, Details and GroupView, AutoUpdate, [...]

Release of vbGORE v0.0.1

I have been working on my vbGORE engine for quite a while now, and have finally got to the point where I am comfortable releasing the first version. A list of [...]

Visual Basic Tutorial for Beginners

Free Visual Basic tutorial for beginner programmers. How to make a program for automatic generation and duplex printing of printable paper game (game builder). [...]

Viklele Associates Announces Form Designer.Net 1.0

Pune, INDIA Viklele Associates announces release of Form Designer.Net 1.0, an advanced, easy to use runtime form designer component for .Net. Build a full [...]