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Node.js: From Zero to Bobble

Node.js is a platform for building fast, scalable applications using JavaScript. It’s making its way just about everywhere – from servers, to Internet of [...]

Working with Concurrent Queue in C#

A queue is a data structure that works on a First - In - First - Out (FIFO) basis. So, you would typically use a queue when you need items to be added and [...]

Twitter Updates for 2010-10-10

How to Increase PHP Performance on Windows Servers # Microsoft .Net Programmers Forum # How to Increase PHP [...]

How to build an advanced ASP.NET AJAX Photo Pile

Technologies used - Neodynamic ImageDraw for ASP.NET - Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0 or later) - Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX Framework (1.0 or later) - [...]

Create a Dynamic Menu Using C#

There have been articles on the technique of creating MRU (Most Recently Used) file menus in Visual Studio environment. In my recent project, I need not [...]

How to build an advanced ASP.NET AJAX Photo Editor featuring imaging effects with ImageDraw

This ImageDraw demo demonstrates how easily you can use ImageDraw object model and ASP.NET AJAX Framework to design an advanced AJAX-based Photo Editor. The [...]

How can you Insert / Delete rows programmatically in an Excel Worksheet?

Do you wish to have worksheets that can be easily updated to keep up with your constantly changing business needs? Using Aspose.Cells APIs, you can quickly [...]

Looking to convert C script to VB to Call a DLL. Can this be done?

I'm going to post this with the idea that the readers will help with this question. Post a comment if you can help this person. I have this code that I'm [...]

Web Service Software Factory Modeling Edition Source Code

Source Code Release for Visual Studio 2008. The Web Service Software Factory: Modeling Edition is an integrated collection of resources designed to help you [...]

Building a Mobile Game in Visual Studio 2008

The latest version of Microsoft® Visual Studio® includes a lot of new treats for mobile developers. In addition to new debugging tools and emulators, it [...]

Source Code Outliner PowerToy for Visual Studio 2008

The Source Outliner PowerToy is a Visual Studio 2008 extension that provides a tree view of your source code's types and members and lets you quickly navigate [...]