Extreme VB and .Net is a resource for programmers. Extreme VB and .Net has been online in one form or another since 1995. The first version went online on our ISP home pages. During the time it was hard to find reliable dial-up so we changed ISP many times before finally getting DSL in 1998.

Since we were constantly changing ISP the site was moved to Xoom in 1997. It remained there until 1998.

The domain was purchased in 1998 after the site exceeded bandwidth limits on Xoom. The site used to have a forum. The forum turned into the best Visual Basic forum on the net. It still exists at http://visualbasicforum.com. I split off the forum from the main site in 2002 and sold the forum in 2005. I briefly turned Extreme VB over to a couple friends and in 2006 took it over again.

The site needed an upgrade and a general house cleaning of old posts and files that were no longer relevant. The old site is still accessible for archival purposes. All the files, posts and everything else can still be viewed and downloaded. I only imported the posts that were submitted in the last 2 years so if you want to view older content head over to http://old.extreme-vb.net.

I will be importing the files for the next couple weeks. I will also have a way for users to upload there files by attaching them to news stories that are submitted.

I hope to bring back Extreme VB and .Net back to prominence like it once was.

Just a quick note. If you had a user account you’ll need to register again. There was simply no way to make passwords compatible. I do apologize to all the users that have to register again.

Thanks to everyone that has been here for a long time, you are the ones that make Extreme VB and .Net great, and welcome to the new people.

Thank you,